Compounding Solutions


 The consequences might be fatal for the personnel that handles HDs on daily basis in the R&D laboratories. Our Safer Compounding Solutions provides complete protection because It has built with a strong engineering control. Isolators: Our XLTC isolator isolates the personnel from the HD exposure that might happen in the process of compounding pharmaceuticals for …

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We have 2 ISO7 cleanroom trailers available for rent or purchase. They are both buyback units Aseptic Enclosures originally manufactured that were fully furnished and used for sterile compounding. The units would be guaranteed and warranted to meet the required ISO and/or USP cleanroom standards. Design of the mobile cleanrooms is also compliant with the …

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Tablet Press


Over the course of the past few years, Aseptic Enclosures were called upon to come up with a solution that will provide ISO class 5 conditions for tablet compounding. This was not a simple challenge to complete as there were several potential concerns in the process of tablet and pellet pressing. Yet we were able …

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Temporary or permanent laboratory solutions


Temporary or Permanent Laboratory Solutions a true cost, time, and space-friendly solution that provides an outlet for deploying laboratory equipment. Our Mobile laboratories can be used as portable or stationary, temporary or permanent, standalone or additional laboratory space. Having a mobile lab can make testing and analyzing more convenient and quicker for some facilities. The …

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extend Compounding center to Additional Lab Space


One of the benefits of extending the Compounding center to Additional Lab Space is the flexibility and ease of change of the equipment and use cases of your cleanroom. Our MCCs are designed and built to meet our client’s current needs. However, it is important to add that the design and setup can be changed …

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Cleanroom Training


All of our Mobile Cleanroom projects start with creating a three-dimensional concept. These drawings are incorporating our clients’ comments and develop a pretty detailed needs assessment. Those always include our clients’ existing equipment. At this stage, we’re trying to identify the number and the size of the rooms your cleanroom requires. We then start considering …

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Under the USP 800, an anteroom is defined as “An ISO Class 7 or cleaner room” where personnel hand hygiene, garbing procedures, and other activities that generate high particulate levels are performed. The ante-room is the transition room between the unclassified area of the facility and the buffer room. USP 800 requires ante-rooms to produce …

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Efficient cleanroom Installation


Our Mobile Compounding Cleanrooms provide a quick and easy solution to get a complete clean room suite from design to cleanroom installation, built, installed, and commissioned. Cleanroom installation: The whole process from design to final delivery and install is a reasonably pain-free process. Our protocol puts all the design and engineering work out of the …

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